Mustang Makeover 2018 – Yvet Blokesch

Yvet Blokesch ist die einzige Trainerin dieses Jahr, die nicht in Deutschland lebt. Deshalb gibt’s ihr Interview unverfälscht auf Englisch.

1. Who are you and what characterizes your work with horses?

I am Yvet Blokesch. I am 26 years old and live in the Netherlands at the beautiful Veluwe. I own my business Feather Light Horsemanship and train horses for a living. My work with horses consists of giving the Young horses a great start under the saddle, help horses who suffered from all kind of troubles and give them a new understanding about the work, and I train horses who may learn something new or spectacular. The most important thing for me is that all the horses trust the way I go about things, they understand everything, they learn how they need to learn, they trust they get the time for things, they gain a great mindset and they enjoy their work. They learn some really valuable lessons for the rest of their lives. I always love this quote:

What they learn with pleasure, they will never forget.

With my own horses I love to work in dressage, I love to keep the connection in freedom, I work on the grand prix movements, also in liberty, we love to go for trail rides outside as well and I always seek for something new they can love.

2. Why does the work with horses have so much value for you?

Working with horses is a lifestyle for me. The mindset I need to have in the training is a mindset I also want in life. It pushes me to get the best out of myself, as a trainer but also as a person in general. I feel that this is what the horses value too. In the training they can develop themselves, feel good about themselves, be proud and become strong individuals who can feel good about their lives. For me that is the same and the feeling that I get from the connection due to this true feeling with the horses is the most important thing to me.

3. How do you like your mustang? What fascinates you about it?

I not only like my mustang, I love her.

She has the most beautiful character I have ever seen, in horses and humans alltogether. She always does her best to find an answer, she is exactly how I think the World should be. It fascinates me how she is much more pure then our domesticated horses and I can learn great things from that.

4. What character does your mustang have? What are its strength and weaknesses?

Pura’s Pearl has a really sweet character. She always tries to do her best but on the other hand she is super sensitive and afraid for things. When her anxiety takes control she is used to follow her instinct in a split second. That is what I could help her with to be in balance with herself. This new World was really scary for her in the beginning and she was really shy for humans. But now she figured out she could still be in control in this new World and she can continue to think and look for the relaxation in a difficult situation, she becomes even stronger. She always seeks for the connection with me now and it is amazing to feel how she values the feeling we give eachother as much as I do.

5. What do you think, how will your mustang progress? For which disciplines will your mustang be suitable for?

The mustangs progress goes really well and since the basics are set now the rest will follow easily in time. She loves to learn new things and she felt really good in her first few rides. I think the discipline isn’t the most important thing, but the way she will be taken care of in that discipline is more important. She will be good in western, dressage or liberty work, as long as she can do it with pleasure, love and most important with feel and connection, she can keep her great mindset and she will be happy. She loves to go outside for walks now so I will also think she will enjoy trail rides outside.

6. Which qualities should the new owner of your mustang have, to be equal to the task?

At this point in time I think this mustang will be a bit special to get the trust from because she is really sensitive. One needs to really understand how to be around a horse like her and how to give her the trust she needs. She goes to unthinkable limits if she trusts you, but if she doesn’t she is really shy.

7. Are you afraid to give your mustang to somebody else after the time you spent together?

I cannot even think about that. The connection we have and the feeling that we give each other is something special. I think it would be really difficult and I am not sure if I am able to let her go.

8. What is important for you during the training and what should your mustang learn anyhow?

The mindset is a very important part of my training. For Pura’s Pearl this is really important to be able to feel confident and strong in every situation. She has a beautiful character but as I explained in difficult situations her fear can take over. She learns now that in every situation she can think about how to respond differently in order to stay in control. This way she won’t get into dangerous situations and she can take the responsibility to keep herself in a good mindset all the time, because she feels strong and in control. With this i can give her mental freedom, which in my opinion is really valuable.

9. How does the training distinguish between the mustang and other unexperienced horses?

For me all aspects I value in the training for the mustang are the same in every other training. Of course no horse needs the exact same thing, so in that way things can differ, but the values and things they eventually learn are the same. With the mustang it took a bit more time to be able to touch her and come near to here. But also other horses have experienced that. I felt that in the start of the work in the roundpen in liberty the mustang responded to every small signal without a single doubt. I did not have to teach her anything in this. I thought this was beautiful, since it was proof for my training to fit they natural way of communicating. When the domesticated horses come to my stable they have already learned that signals from humans don’t always mean something and therefor I have to prove to them that we do. With the mustang this was never the case.

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